About Us

A Charity Association for the Destitute and Abandoned People (CADAP) is a community based association and non- profitable which was established in September 1997.  CADAP serves regardless of religion, ethnicity, age and supporting particularly  to those abandoned, disabled and frail elders people. CADAP accommodates also to those non-elder people who are in need of critical all round support. So far, the association is  funded by members and individual volunteers.

The beneficiaries are elderly and vulnerable people who often are abandoned and experiencing persistent sickness for a prolonged period of time. Support is provided in terms of shelter, food, basic service including medical care.


To see a society where the disabled and elder people are dignified and protected from abandonment, and impoverishment, through provision of need based care and support, both by community, the civil society and government’s social welfare structures.


Serve the community, with commitment, collaboration and heartfelt drive, and also based on the principles of humanity, so as to bring change in the lives of the many marginalized people, particularly the poor elderly.


To provide consistent and compassionate care giving to those disabled and abandoned people in modern Care Giving Center in order to restore their personal dignity and to advocate for and work with the Ethiopian Society and all caregiver services in the area and beyond.


  • Compassionate care & love

  • Dignify the Elderly

  • Volunteerism

  • Respect for humanity

  • Non-discriminatory

  • Transparency and accountability at all levels

  • Endurance

CAN YOU HELP us build and extend our vision? Together, we can make a difference! CADAP Ethiopia 2014